Effective date: January 19, 2023

These Instawork Debit Card Rewards Terms & Conditions describes the rewards program (the “Rewards Program”) through which Instawork Professionals who hold the Instawork Debit Card (the “Instawork Debit Card”) will be eligible to earn certain rewards based on their use of the Instawork Debit Card (collectively, “Rewards”). These Rewards Terms and Conditions (the “Rewards Terms”) set forth the terms of the Instawork Debit Card Rewards Program (“Rewards Program”) and constitute a legally binding agreement between the recipient cardholder (“you”) and Garuda Labs, Inc. dba Instawork (“Instawork,” “we,” or “us”). Use of the Instawork Debit Card is otherwise governed by the Instawork Debit Cardholder Agreement. You will find the most current version of the Rewards Terms on the Instawork mobile application (“Mobile App”). Subject to applicable law, Instawork reserves the right, at any time and in our sole discretion, to prospectively change, modify, or otherwise alter these Rewards Terms for any reason, effective immediately when posted to the Mobile App.


By activating the Instawork Debit Card, you will be enrolled automatically in the Instawork Rewards Program. By using the Instawork Debit Card, you agree to these Rewards Terms. If you do not agree with these Rewards Terms, then do not use your Instawork Debit Card. Use of your Instawork Debit Card does not guarantee your ongoing or future eligibility to participate in the Rewards Program or to receive any particular rewards offering. Instawork reserves the right to limit Rewards Program eligibility at any time.

Type of Rewards

The Rewards available under the Rewards Program consist of cash payments (“Cash Back”) based on point-of-sale spend in specified categories through the use of your Instawork Debit Card. Instawork may choose to offer new rewards in the future. 

Earning & Redeeming Cash Back

You may have the opportunity to earn Cash Back pursuant to the Rewards Program by using your Instawork Debit Card on purchases in Cash Back categories made at qualifying merchant locations. Whether you are eligible to earn Cash Back at any particular merchant depends on the location’s merchant category code, which is assigned by the payment networks. You may only earn Cash Back at merchant locations with qualifying merchant category codes, which are determined in Instawork’s sole discretion based on the specified categories listed on the Instawork Debit Card website. The participating merchants and categories of purchases eligible to receive Cash Back pursuant to the Rewards Program are subject to change. Cash Back will be calculated as a percentage of total net qualifying purchase amount that appears on your statement (excluding purchases that are returned or canceled) and will be rounded to the nearest cent. The maximum amount of Cash Back that you can earn for purchases in any category, or with any merchant, may change or be limited by month, year or dollar amount. Applicable Cash Back rates, categories of eligible purchases, and spend limits, if any, can be found in the Mobile App. 

Qualifying purchases for Cash Back may only be made through the use of your Instawork Debit Card in transactions processed as either “debit” or “credit.” Some transactions will not be considered qualifying purchases for purposes of Cash Back, including but not limited to: cash withdrawals, ATM transactions, transfers to fund another card or account, purchase of digital wallets or gift cards, and payment of bills.

You can track your Cash Back amount on the Instawork Mobile App. Cash Back will only appear after the qualifying transaction settles, which may take up to 5 business days. Your Cash Back total will accumulate in the Rewards tab until you redeem it, at which point your Cash Back will be deposited into your Instawork Debit Card balance. 

Suspension or Termination of Your Participation in the Rewards Program

Instawork reserves the right to suspend or terminate your ability to earn, use, or redeem the Cash Back described above or otherwise participate in this Rewards Program in the event Instawork determines, in its sole discretion, that you: (i) violate any of the Rewards terms; (ii) act in a manner inconsistent with applicable laws; (iii) engaged in any fraud, theft, inappropriate acts, or other misconduct or wrongdoing in connection with your Instawork Debit Card. If your Professional account on the Instawork Platform is deactivated for any reason, then your participation in the Rewards Program may be terminated without notice to you. Any Cash Back earned and/or accrued in violation of these Rewards Terms may be revoked by Instawork in our sole discretion. Your ability to participate in the Rewards Program will be suspended or terminated if either you or we place your Instawork Debit Account in a status that prevents you from using your Instawork Debit Card for purchases or using receiving deposits.

Cancellation of Your Instawork Debit Card or Participation in the Rewards Program

Subject to the terms of the Instawork Deposit Account Agreement, if you cancel your Instawork Debit Card or your Professional profile on the Instawork Platform is deactivated, any earned/accrued but not yet redeemed Cash Back will be treated as part of your account balance. If your Instawork Deposit Account balance has a negative balance at the time of cancellation, we may exercise our right to set off using your earned/accrued Cash Back. See the Deposit Account Agreement for complete terms regarding cancellation of your Instawork Deposit Account.


In the event of an otherwise irreconcilable inconsistency between these Reward Terms and other agreements and terms between You and Piermont Bank, such as the Deposit Account Agreement between you and Piermont Bank that governs participation in the Instawork Debit Card and associated Instawork Deposit Account, these Rewards Terms control with respect to the Rewards Program, but only to the extent necessary to resolve the inconsistency; otherwise, your agreements with Piermont Bank will govern with respect to any conflicting provisions.