Caleb Zahnd

Kansas City, MO

Labor market conditions in the metropolitan area

Labor Market Insights

Instawork's monthly summary of changes in roles, pay, demographics, and tightness in the local labor market:

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Graph for Kansas City, MO

Monthly Data Releases

Pay Signal Index

Instawork's exclusive measure of pay trends in the local labor market

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Average hourly pay by role

Continuous time series for shifts booked via Instawork

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Urgently booked shifts

The share of shifts posted with less than 24 hours' notice

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Government Statistics


mean hourly pay

$2.32 lower than the national mean*


unemployment rate

1% lower than the national average**


lower consumer prices

relative to the national average***

* Bureau of Labor Statistics, all occupations, August 2023
** Bureau of Labor Statistics, headline unemployment rate, August 2023
*** Bureau of Economic Analysis, January 2021